BUilds from Squarebody Syndicate


Check out this 1974 Chevy Cheyenne Super 10, brought to life by the team at Squarebody Syndicate. See all of its unique and custom features, from a Holley Performance crate LS3 engine to NOS OEM seat inserts.


Discover the transformative journey of the 1975 GMC Sierra Grande, a rare gem in the squarebody pickup world. Under the meticulous care of Joe Yezzi and Squarebody Syndicate, this iconic vehicle was revitalized with top-tier parts for superior functionality, reliability, and aesthetics.

Crew Cab

See how Squarebody Syndicate masterfully transformed this truck by extending the cab, shortening the bed, and using a blend of RM's Catalina Blue and Frost White paint. 

Smoke Box