Dimmer Kit - FTP/TILT Lever

Dimmer Kit - FTP/TILT lever with black anodized switch!
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Brand: Squarebody Syndicate

Introducing the Dimmer Kit - FTP/TILT Lever with black anodized switch! This high-quality dimmer kit has all the features you need for a safe and secure experience on the road. With a 40-amp circuit breaker, you can control the light intensity, switching between high and low beams or even a ‘flash-to-pass’ function. The kit is designed for 2 to 4 headlights and will provide a strong, reliable signal to ensure you’re seen and safe. It comes complete with a lever and relay pack, and the black anodized switch adds a sleek, stylish look to your vehicle. With the Dimmer Kit - FTP/TILT lever (Part #3100040151), you can rest assured that your ride is safe and secure.

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