When it comes to squarebody trucks, Joe Yezzi and his cousin Rob Yezzi have taken the world by storm with their innovative and eye-catching designs. The Syndicate Series ’01 (SS01) is the truck that put them on the map, transforming a 1974 Chevrolet Cheyenne Super 10 into a custom build that turned heads and won awards across the globe. It all started in Joe’s backyard shop, and it’s been a whirlwind of success ever since.

The truck’s journey began as the “Blue J,” a previous build by Joe Yezzi himself. Unsatisfied with the results, Joe and Rob completely rebuilt the truck, marking the beginning of the Syndicate Series builds. The build showcased the duo’s incredible talent and dedication to their craft, leading to its stunning debut at SEMA 2015 in the Royal Purple booth. It didn’t stop there – the truck went on to win multiple awards, including the prestigious GM Design Award.


The key to their success lies in the meticulous attention to detail and collaboration with industry experts. The metal work was done by Hubcaps Hot Rod Design, while Ikandy Paintworks handled the paint and bodywork. The truck’s interior design is credited to Empire Custom Upholstery, and Delmo Speed and Custom dealt with the wheels and tires. Porterbuild did the suspension with an Accuair management system, and the engine is a GM Performance LS3 crate motor with a “DELS3” engine aesthetic performance kit.

Some of the Syndicate Series ’01 (SS01) highlights include the first-gen Syndicate Series gauge cluster, one-off GSI Fab billet aluminum air cleaner, and one-off billet aluminum steering wheel. These unique features showcase the passion and craftsmanship that Joe and Rob pour into each of their Syndicate Series builds.

As the popularity of square-body trucks continues to rise, the industry faces the challenge of meeting high expectations and pushing the customization envelope. As noted by Joe Yezzi, “It’s all about taking what was once a workhorse and transforming it into a piece of art – something that can be appreciated for both its function and form.”

The Syndicate Series ’01 has played an integral role in shaping the landscape of the squarebody truck scene, and it’s safe to say that Joe and Rob Yezzi will continue to make waves in the industry for years to come. Fans of the Syndicate Series can eagerly anticipate more groundbreaking builds from the talented duo as they continue to redefine the meaning of custom automotive design.

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